Friday, September 09, 2005

Body Art: human body vs technology

is London's first dedicated magazine about underground arts.
SUKA OFF is an artistic group existing since 1995.The coordinator of all projects is the founder Piotr Wegrzynski.Constantly collaborating are: Mirosław Matyasik [music creator],Sylvia Lajbig as well as Maciej Dziaczko and Dominik Zlotkowski.At the beginning the group appeared through a series of single manifestations. With time, after numerous personal changes,the group created their own way of expression placed somewhere between theatre and performance.
After several actions (de-generation, Kar Krash Klan, ID, exterminatoREX) the group has been defined as radical.In years 1999/2001 the Matrix cycle was created, consisting of: Copy I - Copy IV and Matrixes: version Hardxero and Hardware(Grand Prix at the II International Festival of Theatre and Visual Arts ZDARZENIA in Tczew, I prize [best performance and best music] at Łódz Theatre Meetings) and IN/OUT action.
In the year 2000 new SUKA OFF commando was formed - the BlackFleshVideo group - specialised only in audio/video/design productions.SUKA OFF work consists of many kinds of modern art like theatrical performances, happenings, performance, films and music visuals. The group performs in different spaces like clubs, theatres and art galleries in Poland and abroad.

At the beginning of 2004 took place the premiere of "deuSEXmachina"- a performance which fulfills best the idea of theatre and performance art assimilation. After some personal changes, in September 2004 came into being "deuSEXmachina" ver.2, including the first X - RATED 01 BFV video.


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