Friday, September 09, 2005

More on the internet..

After reading what Josephine was saying about computers being essential to the majority of people, it got me thinking. I've kinda taken the internet for granted during my time at uni, and possibly even my later school years. If I didnt have the internet (or the uni intranet) I would actually have to manually search through through loads and loads of books to find any relevant ones when looking for information for assignments. Also, the quick responses to last minute essay questions from tutors, and the other various notices would have to wait until the next class if it wasnt for email or Cecil. My main point of this rant is, 'back in the day' before all this helpful technology, Uni students must have had to work so much harder for their qualifications. I often wish that i could inspire myself to work harder, but the various resources available make leaving an assignment to the last minute so much easier.
Anyway, if you want to procrastinate a bit more about those assignments, have a look at mousebreaker, while the games are really simple, some can be slightly addictive, and theres quite a few : )


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