Thursday, September 22, 2005

Daily routines exercised by internet.

Ever since taking up this paper, i have found that i have used the internet more than i have ever before. Just general browsing on the internet has taken up alot of my time and therefore has been considered my 'leisure' time. Through my daily surfs through the internet, i have noticed that my world and my daily routines is influenced through the powers that be of the internet. From hotmail to the google search engine, my daily exercises are majority of the time performed within the realms of the internet.

At home, my time is spent of the internet. Browsing websites, links mostly to do with Pacific Island affairs, events and people, my email is my second best friend. I am constantly opening up my hotmail account so much to the point that i feel that my hotmail account is more active than my BNZ account. At Universitiy i find myself repeating the same exercises on the internet that i do at home, surfing the net, however i do feel like i am under some sort of scope watching my every 'internet' move, therefore i find myself sometimes cutting down on the excessive internet surfing just to make it look like i am doing some work.

I have found that through this paper, that allowed me and given me the oppourtunity to search and surf the internet for things that, normally, i would not surf on the net for.


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