Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Finally the networks come together...

Well finally Telecom and Vodafone have in a sense merged and quite clearly decided to put things behind them! Telecom and Vodafone customers can now send video, sound or photo messages to each other...and hasnt it been a fairly long time coming!?!

I definitely will (and have) utilised this feature as I am a loyal vodafone customer and the majority of my friends are telecom! So now all the crazy and funny photos can be forwarded to all friends with PXT capable phones as apposed to only some!

Im not sure the cost of sending from a telecom phone to a vodafone, but to send a PXT from vodafone to telecom cellphone, it does however cost slightly more! (50 cents compared to 20 cents, but I guess the difference could maybe be matched in the future...?!)

At least now, 'keeping in touch' via photo, voice or video messaging can be done between the two networks!!

This was announced yesterday, but for more information, go to or


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