Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I recently watched the thriller White Noise, and found the movie to be kind of average. But what interested me the most was Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Technology has proven that it has the ability to do anything and go anywhere and this is a prime example. Being able to communicate with the dead through technology in my opinion is quite incredible. I know that there are many critics out there who don’t believe in stuff like this and that’s fair enough because everyone is entitled to their opinion.
What makes EVP so versatile is that anyone can do it. I found this website, and it is really helpful. The only technology you really need is a simple tape recorder. Although it has been recommended that with the change in technology the IC recorder is a better choice. It is a better choice according to the EVP organisation because you do not need background noise, like you do if you using a simple tape recorder. After making a recording, it is advised that you can plug it into your computer and then that means you can filter out the background noise.
The whole process of EVP is electronic, and as technology advances so does the ability to make contact with things people don’t understand.


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