Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ways to view the news

Most days I get the news from a number of differnt sources, newspapers, television and the internet. Some mornings I walk down our driveway to see if our herald is waiting in the letterbox. Unfortunatly this is not usually the case (someone seems to be stealing our paper) so I have no paper to read while I eat breakfast. Reading the paper while eating breakfast has always been something I've enjoyed, however last year living at a hostel and having late classes I rarely ate breakfast let alone had a paper to read so I turn to technology. Most evenings at 6pm our tv will be tuned in to watch the news, we also tend to eat dinner around this time so we watch while we eat. Both newspapers and tv news have been around for quite awhile and I've always found them to be almost background. When living at home there was always a newspaper lying around to read so I simply did. The internet however has a wealth of news and information and I find when I'm bored or haven't read the paper lately I will visit google news. Google news brings together the news from a number of sources all over the internet. Often from google I will end up at the tvnz website which can be a very interesting site for news as you can watch the clips from One News on your computer. During the election you could even watch the converage in real time, streaming onto your computer. Of course the articles and clips from the site would only be really usefull if you missed the news. I think there is something pleasureable with newspapers in having a tactile object to hold over morning coffee to keep up with current events, most news sites do seem to be online versions of other media. I think for mainstream news the internet doesn't offer much more insight or information just an electronic version. Of course there are also plenty of other sites about other kinds of news, but these don't show up on the google news search page.


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