Tuesday, September 27, 2005

i wonder how possible it is...

I arrived at a lecture this afternoon having arrived at uni at 8am to spend the day working on essays I was certainly looking foward to the end of the lecture and going home. At 4pm I was starting to wonder if I was the only person who maybe hadnt read the course outline recently and the lecture was not happening? Two more people arrived and i questioned them as to whether they knew if we were meant to have a lecture today as they to sat in confusion in the empty lecture theatre, a few more people arrived then out tutor arrived to tell us that the lecture had been cancelled because our lecturer had commitments, how had everyone else known I wondered? Well of course an email had been sent around, but its not all that often that you check emails during the day at uni. I was just reading bec's blog on the new form of advertising and it got me thinking... I wonder how possible it is to use the very popular form of communication-cellphones, to send instant messages regarding important announcements from the university. Yes I know this could be a very contestable subject regarding cost, and maybe some would think it pointless, however I really do think if it was possible to have some kind of set up with Telecom or Vodafone, our leading cellphone networks, this could really be quite helpful. So many of us do have cellphones that we would check far more regularly than emails, and this would not have to be used often, just if there are possibly important announcments effective as of that day?? I am sure someone has probably thought of this before, and its not as novel as I originally thought but hey if a cost deal could be worked out, this could be a very helpful step foward in terms of instant communication around the university.


At 11:50 PM, Blogger David K said...

Yeah~ this happens to me as well, lecture was cancelled and i don't know about it.

Sending txt to cellphones may be a good idea, but i hardly keep my cellphone open at home.

At 5:15 PM, Blogger olivia said...

yeah i reckon thats a really good idea. although i check my emails regularly, i never seem to read those sort of messages in time. If it means another increase in fees however ill stick to email!


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