Sunday, September 25, 2005


Although I don’t have an IPOD, I think IPOD has already captured a major market share.. I remember the first time I saw IPOD Mini. I thought Apple couldn't shrink it any further without losing its remarkable usability, but I was wrong. I guess everybody has already heard about the latest changes made to Apple's iPod range. The nano measures 8.9 x 3.9 x 7cm, and weighs in at only 42g. You really don't notice it in your pocket. Compare with the rainbow-coloured Mini range, the Nano only comes in black and white. The Nano provides two capacities, 2GB and 4GB. And Apple reckons that the 2GB Nano will store 500 songs, with the 4GB holding 1000. Another plus that the Nano has over the Mini is the screen. The 1.5in colour screen is not big enough but it's in colour which means you can put your digital images in your Nano. Otherwise, with a “Armband” you can jog with 1,000 songs on your arm,. Pretty cool, huh?
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