Sunday, September 25, 2005

i just read rebeccas post on the new singstar game...and yeah shes right..i suppose it isnt really a typical playstation game...but its the only one i've ever played and i love it! i'm really not into these computer game things and have never played a single one. so i think playstations incorporation of such a game into its gaming repertoire is an amazing way of increasing its customers and addicting a completely different sector of the market to their gaming technologies.
my parents and their friends also really enjoy singstar but have always complained that there arent enough old songs on the cds and they havent been able to enjoy singstar to its full potential. so when i saw rebeccas post that also had the list of songs on the new singstar 80s game i knew my mum would be thrilled. as i'd predicted, she was really excited and cant wait to get it out. the idea of my mum and her friends playing a playstation game really cracks me up although i think its great that an older generation can be involved in new technologies and media.


At 6:16 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

It really is a great game for people who don't usually like computer games.
I find that, because I've never really played computer games at all, I don't have a lot of the basic skills you need to play the new games effectively, whereas a person who has played from childhood can pick up the controller and be reasonably good at a new game straight away.
Another game that was really good and I don't think you can get it anymore was Bust A Groove, like a dancing game but instead of using your feet you used the controller and mimicked the symbols onscreen.
PlayStation are actually pretty genius to figure out that there's more than just diehard gamers wanting to play.
Just to completely rant on, the new "Dear PlayStation" ad on at the moment aimed at women has worked on me! I want the Eye Toy workout game, like Tae-Bo and Space Invaders mixed together!


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