Sunday, September 25, 2005

download the mp3 music

South Korea is the world leader in broadband Internet speed, affordability, and popularity.

South Korea’s dense population has augmented broadband development. With 70 percent of its 48 million citizens living in the seven biggest cities, and with many households in high-rise buildings near phone company facilities.

We can download music, movies, TV shows, and dramas from the entire world. The mp3 music download has been started about 10 years ago. That time we download the music freely on the modem internet. However about 3years ago, the music association of Korea started to claim the right of music and now customers have to pay for the download songs. We have to pay 500won ($NZ: $1) for each song. $1 for each song is not so a lot, however people do not use the song just one way. We download songs to listen and also to show other people. Most of Korean use color ring (It spends about $3). Color Ring Back Tone replaces traditional ringing tones with customer designated or generated tones, speech, music or other sounds. (For example, if I pay for Blue’s One Love for my color ring, someone who calls my mobile will hear the song instead of the traditional ringing tone.) Furthermore, most of Korean people have individual blogs to communicate to others. We have to buy the background song for our blogs too (It spends $1). Even we want to use just the song (for example Blue’s One Love), we have to download many time for using different functions. And now the music association of Korea announced that they will increase the price of the mp3 music.

So now, there are hot debate between customer and music associate people in Korea. The price is not quite a lot, but if they offer high quality of download system there would be not so big problem. For example, if I buy the song, I could use the song ever after even I back up my computer I could re-download the song freely. They should guarantee about the music, because we BUY the song as a commodity. From a cutomer's point of view, that's the first way they have to concern instead of increasing the price.

In New Zealand, where do you download the mp3 music? Does it same as Korea?


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