Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sony Walkman Phone

I was in Hell's Pizza the other day (I know I still do it the old way and go in to order my pizza, but it is on the way home from work!) and I was looking through one of their magazines. I came across an advertisement for the new Sony Walkman phone.

Basically it is the same concept as the iPod phones but just a different brand so different product. The walkman phone is packed with extras (mainly the same as other phones avaliable but with one or two additions). The website is really intriguing in the way that one of the sections allows you to move your mouse over to "see" whats inside (the walkman phone), to illustrate the features including; video/picture camera, bluetooth, radio, torch, web browser, to name a few.

The Walkman part of the phone is achieved by the use of a computer program, that can rip your music from a CD then transfer the music to your phone and save it to the memory stick (that can be upgraded to 2GB.)

I am not sure when Sony invented the Walkman Phone but with the announcement from Apple regarding the release of the iPod phone, I think that this is going to be a very competitive market. Both Sony and Apple must believe that there is a market for such an item, as I know it does become annoying to juggle your Walkman/iPod with your phone (one phone from each network, Telecom and Vodafone, seems to be the fashionable thing at the moment.)

Check out the website here Walkman Phone.


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