Sunday, September 11, 2005

No place like INTERNET

In response to Rebecca's insert of how internet is really an essential part of our everyday lives, the more i read the blog entry the more i realised how much the internet is an essential part of my everyday life. I find that everyday since ive started studying at Uni (2004) that i have become increasingly dependent and well, addicted, to the net. Everything from downloading that Milli Vanili "Blame It On the Rain" track that ive been searching for ages to googling any resources for that last minute assignment - has pretty much become a necesssity in both my studys and leisure times.

The course reader, New Media: A Critical Introduction, makes an point saying that "New media is embedded in everyday life and its domestic and urban environments with CCTV, spectacular advertising and new forms of mobile communications all permeating the mundane activities of banking, shopping, entertainment"(220). While the net is a great source of research i find that majority of the time, both at uni and home, the net is means of entertainment. Movie trailers, the latest "fiddy" video on MTV and the increasingly popular hi5 Friends network are just some of the many activities that i participate in online. Particularly hi5, the whole concept of connecting friends to your network - meeting and reuniting with friends has become quite addictive since i signed up early March. I was never really into Friend networks online before until i was reunited with family members and friends on this network, and these are people i havent seen for awhile. Sounds corny huh? Well it is, but as corny as it may be, im hooked man.

However I must say that the internet has become my best friend particularly during those all nighters i seem to pull off for every assignment ive ever done at Uni. Files upon files, resources upon resources are there on your screen. No wonder my local library card is negelected of any use - why? Because i can access the net at home without having to frantically search for that book i need desperately only to have to be issued out and those gurelling que ups at the library.
Speaking of que ups - i must say that 99.9% of the people i talk too all say that the computer facilites at Kate Edger and the .. rush .. i suppose to get a comp is one annoying mother of a!!!! I swear man, there have been countless occassions where i have waited for quite some time for a particular computer and all of a sudden some twit snatches it off me. Just the whole competition to get a computer annoys me! I must say, that there are some good people out there to offer a computer to you - waiting or not.

Yeah, the internet is my common ground for everything now. I use the net more than i use my gel. Its crazy. But im not worried that my life is being mediated by the new media 90% of the time. Its all good. No place like internet aye ...


At 9:08 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Trying to get a computer at uni is something I despise, sometimes when I go to kill time thinking i'll check the messages on cecil or something I spend all the time i needed to kill standing around waiting. It's very frustrating, especially when I see people using trademe. I know often I'm also not doing work but the worst I usually do is just check my emails.


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