Sunday, September 11, 2005


Satellite DMB is a new concept in multimedia mobile broadcasting service that converges telecommunications and broadcasting.The buzzword in the South Korean mobile phone market is ``cellevision,’’ the video-on-the-go services that deliver television to cell phones.Local handset makers continue to pump out new models that sport mobile broadcasting capacity and cellevision services are catching on with the nation’s tech-savvy users.
Satellite DMB enables people on the road to enjoy crystal-clear video, theater-quality audio and data with handheld devices like cell phones or in-automobile terminals.DMB phone offers nine video channels like drama, sports, games, news, music and movie as well as 25 audio broadcasts.

The latest news about DMB is that Samsung Electronics introduced its innovative horizontal LCD design last year with the Samsung V500 and is expanding this design trend for mobile phones, especially DMB phones. With the B250, users can make phone calls or send and receive text messages even while watching TV. The DMB broadcast received by the phone can also be relayed to a regular TV. The Samsung B250 phone has external buttons that allow users to play MP3 files without opening the phone. The 128-polyphonic sound chip has been built in to provide exquisite ring tones. Also Samsung introduced Navigation Mobile TV combines GPS and DMB.

I think the biggest advantage of terrestrial DMB is that it is a free service tailored toward providing over-the-air programs to all people on the go while the satellite DMB is a fee-based commercial feature.


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