Sunday, September 04, 2005

Need a break from study???

Some people gave me some websites the other day to check out (which have become excellent time wasters when I really don't feel like studying over the break.)

The first one someone from work gave to me. It is There are quite a few 'movies' that are, shall we say, interesting. But are sure to waste time. Some of the movies are quite topical. There was one about the lack of relief after Hurricane Katrina. It is basically a squirrel that goes on a rant about people not helping those in affected areas. Well worth a watch but watch out for the explict language. It is very simple but it gets the message across which is the point.

Another site is Once again there are alot of cartoons to waste away the hours when you should be studying. A couple in particular are BadgerBadgerBadger and Strawberry Pancakes. Be warned these two do not stop! I had strawberry pancakes going for about 8 hours to see what happened (watch the population count and you will see what I mean.) Just so you know and don't have to have it on for 8 hours like me, they turn into zombies. I had to laugh at the fact the the person who made the toon actually decided what would happen at the 'end' just in case some strange person wa to watch for that long. (Just for the record it was playing but I did go away from the computer, I wasn't watching the whole time.)

My recommendation is to do your work before playing around on these sites or you may run out of time to do your assignments!!!!! But great simplistic fun nevertheless.


At 12:11 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I personally spend far too much time on newgrounds and found foamys (the squrirrel) rant very relevent, I've been appaled by the lack of aid over there. Foamy is one of my favourite cartoon characters and always has interesting things to say.


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