Sunday, September 04, 2005

'Owning' your cellphone number

I've had the same vodafone number since 1999 and even though Telecom's $10 txt deal is a lot better, I can't bring myself to abandon my 021 number that I've had so long. That problem will finally be eliminated on April 1, 2007 (unless this is some April fools joke in advance) after The Commerce Commission recently ruled phone companies have to allow customers to keep their existing number when switching providers. So, admittedly 2007 is a while off, but when it does finally roll around I'll be able to switch to Telecom without losing my original 021 number. Also, the ability to keep the same number whether you are on Telecom or Vodafone means there will be increased competition between providers trying to 'poach' their rival's customers. This is great news for the consumer as prices will come down and better plans will surface in the face of this increased competition.

There is more on this in a NZ Herald article at:


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