Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I found myself thinking about the lecture a few weeks ago on music and downloading. I still seem however, to be in two minds.

On the one hand I think that the downloading of music for use with iPods, mp3 players and the like, as well as for burning onto a CD is a negative aspect and shouldnt be done. Maybe because eventually there will be no need for CD stores if this carries on, but maybe because of the piracy issue. I think that it is something that is hard to monitor too, because there are so many people that do infact download music for their personal use. It does detract from the whole CD idea if all you do is download songs or even whole albums, but then there are people who download the music and buy then CD. So it can work both ways.

On the other hand though, I dont think the downloading of songs is that much of a problem. Some would argue that it is infact not such a big deal after all, because there are some CD's that have a copyright aspect to them and cannot be put onto the computer. If downloading wasnt ment to occur then wouldnt more CD's have this feature?! Downloading them seems an easy way to get the songs you want. I know that for me, as i have an iPod, its a fast way of getting the more recent and up-to-date new release songs. It is also more convenient in the fact that you dont have to buy a CD with some other songs that u may not have heard, or infact may not like. Downloading them, you can get the songs you want and the versions you want (like the radio mix, remix and so on).

What are people's thoughts on the downloading of movies and music videos etc - or even tv programmes for that matter? I dont have any major objection to it, but alot of people do find it more unacceptable than just downloading songs!!


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