Monday, September 26, 2005

Nintendo Revolution

Everyone in the media has been going on about who is going to come out the winner in the next generation of game consoles - PS3 or XBOX 360? However they seem to have blisfully ignored the new Nintendo system coming out - the 'Nintendo Revolution' I am not too sure why this is, maybe because Nintendo have openly stated that their new system will not have as much processing power as the other two, or is it just because they are judging the chances of the Revolution based on the Gamecubes performance in comparison to the Xbox and PS2? I think the Gamecube actually did really well in Japan but i am not 100% sure on the figures.

Anyway, on to the point.. I just saw a teaser trailer for the console and it blew my mind! I think this system is going to be make or break for Nintendo because they have really taken a huge risk in their new innovative controller system which is either going to change the face of console gaming as we know it or just be another flash in the pan. The new controller system utilises bluetooth technology to communicate with sensors that are placed by your TV to orientate itself within a 3d space, so you actually have to move the controller around for it to respond, i think this new way of controlling the games will do wonders for first person shooters and sword fighting/lightsabre games, the stuff in the trailer i saw shows how endless the possibilities are with this technology (fishing, orchestrating music, swordfighting, opening doors in a haunted house, swinging a baseball bat, playing the drums etc)

The controller can also be put into a more conventional shell so that traditional games can be played, combating any possible fears that game designers might have over an increased programming difficulty.

As long as Nintendo can get the controller working smoothly without any problems and also ensuring it doesn't end up being too hard to work to get satisfaction from i think this thing will be a huge success, because it just makes it that much easier to immerse yourself within the gameworld, and i would argue that this new interface is a lot more instinctive. I remember back when i was
younger laughing at my brother and some of my other friends for the way they would hold a Nintendo controller, physically turning the controller in a racing game as if they were holding a steering wheel, it was only after a while that they realised this didn't really have any effect on the game at all, but it was the fact that they did it in the first place that intrigued me.. and if it wasn't just my friends being weird then there was a general desire to make the game experience more real, and this new controller for the Revolution addresses that desire.

And this new control system is not the only cool thing about the Revolution, as well as having backward compatibility Nintendo are going to have their whole back catalogue available for download.. i would guess you would have to subscribe for this service but i can't wait to bust out Super Mario Kart on the SNES or Ocarina Of Time on the 64 again!!

I am hoping that Nintendo will show the other two giants that it has the 'killer app' needed to survive amongst such intense competition, because i would be very sad to see the Nintendo go the same way Sega went, unable to handle the emergence of Sony as a new console gaming powerhouse :(

Anyway, take a look at the Revolution:

Teaser trailer for the Revolution

IGN feature article

Wikipedia entry

Nintendo press release


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