Monday, September 26, 2005

New advertising

I have just finished reading an article in Time magazine about the marketing strategy used to advertise Britney Spear's perfume "Curious". Which was in the United States the number one fragrance released, howeverused the least amount of mainstream media advertising. According to the article the marketers of the fragrance believed the company that produced the perfume-Elizabeth Arden- was too "old" to appeal to teenage girls, the main target for the fragrance. The media company used to promote the perfume decided that reaching the teen audience using new media technologies would help to create a different buzz around the product and push sales. Instead of the usual magazine advertising, five web sites ran a photo of Spears with minimal information about what the promotion was about, visitors to the sites were asked to type in their mobile phone numbers and postal codes. A personal voicemail message from Britney was then sent to the mobiles tlaking about her new fragrance, this was followed up by text messages from "Britney" which helped to keep up the buzz. This non-traditional form of marketing generated sales of US$36 million for the perfume last year. The campaign tapped into the technologies that teenagers use, it will be interesting to see if text messaging will be used in more advertising campaign such as this in the future.


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