Monday, September 26, 2005

Internet thinking

Recently in England, some business men thought out a special idea to earn profit. They decorated passenger couches as moveable Cyberspace, Outside of the couches, they painted a big logo called Mobile Freedom, and inside, they tried to create a modern and high technical environment by putting couple of laptops for customers. It is reported that the couches were originally moveable libraries. Now they have been refitted as computer rooms to benefits computer fans. So instead of going to stable computer chatting rooms, People could ring the moveable couches to pick them up. It is convenient for people who live in the rural place and don't have laptop or computers at home. Also, the couches could also enable passengers to idle away boring time while they are doing long journey. However, unfortunately his kind of combination between buses and computers are not illegal in England because it does not have perfect security system and could not guarantee customers' privacy. The thought brought into my mind after reading this piece of news is the reason why business men switched the library couches into computer bars. This might be because the awareness of the superiority of computers to the traditional medium. Indeed, from the internet, we could get variety of information and different kinds of daily news events from the internet. Instead of taking time to look for books, we search the information we want by simply clicking the directory. Also, because the internet is open and free for everyone to use synchronously, we don’t need to worry about the situation when the materials we want are occupied or missing. Digitalisation retains the thing permanently for us so that we could access the thing whenever we want. Another goodness for computer is that people could get informed and entertained at that same time. Computer allows people to chat, play, listen and watch simultaneously as they do reading or research. Thus it increases people’s degree of freedom, and people’s life would be more efficient. For those with fast pace of life, it is no doubt that computer is the ideal tool for them to go for.


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