Sunday, October 02, 2005

addicted to checking

an article in cosmopolitan brought me back to the lecture on our rapidly increasing use of technology is starting to somewhat integrate us with it. the article was written by a lady who was addicted to checking her phone, mobile phone, email and msn constantly needing to be in contact with friends. she stated that she'd "walked under rainbows and over quaint bridges without taking my eyes and thumbs off my Nokia". i suppose i can relate to this as i also constantly check for messages on my phone and as soon as something even remotely interesting happens to me i have to txt someone to tell them about it.
walking around uni its not uncommon to see a couple of friends sitting together and not talking but both txting. a while ago i thought this was extremely rude and mocked people that did this i'm now used to it and ashamed to say that it is sometimes the case when i'm with my friends. mum and dad think its extremely rude when either i or my sister use our phones when we're around them. bit i guess its more of a different generation thing. its our generation that seems to have this intense need to always be in contact with people that arent with you at an given time.
the lady who wrote this artcile says that we need to "loosen technology's grip on us" as it would make us miss the "rainbows" around us, and although i completely agree with this its easier said than done.
if you feel like youre a "checking addict" heres a couple of examples of this that were included in the article that might make you feel a little bit better:)
1. an italian teenager that sent over 100 txts a day can no longer mover her thumb. doctors say she has "severe tendinitis".
2. a UK businessman who can txt in his sleep. he once txtd a friend saying he was being chased and in trouble. when the friend rung him back (immediately), it was discovered that he had been "sleeptexting".


At 4:03 PM, Blogger Daniel Sadgrove said...

Haha, sleeptexting, thats too funny.

I think that the constant checking is a definite downside to mobile phones these days. You go to a party and will see 10 people sitting around a table all texting other people not present about the party they're at. It's as if they could have just stayed at home and done the same thing.

It's almost a parody. I don't say I mock this, but I have definitely seen an increase in "rude" phone use over the last few years. Although I don't interrupt conversations to read a message, I realise mobile phones do have a grip on most people these days so although it can be construed as rude, I don't think it's going to change for the better anytime soon.

At 5:38 PM, Blogger Mana-E said...

yeah , I heard they have the same problem in japan, with kids playing Play station to much , recks their thumbs. I think they come up with a medical term called "Playstation thumb".


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