Thursday, September 29, 2005

SMS Uni Announcements....

In response to jane harwood's post "I wonder how possible it is...", I think what you suggest is a really good idea, because we all have cell phones and you would get the message instantly. Good point that no one checks their email constantly throughout the day just in case a lecture is cancelled.

Someone suggested to me that students could get PDAs to check their emails on the move around campus. Apparently you can set them to check your email whenever. This is a good idea because PDAs are good for heaps of things like organising your calendar and stuff, but they're like $500 each and not many students have that sort of budget.

Also (so I've been told) with some cellphones you can use GPRS to check your email inbox and it will give you like the first 200 characters of an email. That would be quite useful, but only if you go to check your email, so it's the same problem that you have to just check your email all the time, unlike instant sms. Also if you're anything like me, I'm stuck in the stone age with the nokia 3315 because I can't afford a new one, and that doesn't have GPRS.

So it's a tough one, but I too miss announcements by not checking my emails constantly. I think the sms announcement thing is a great idea for urgent announcements like cancelled lectures, but could it really be done??


At 10:10 PM, Blogger Mana-E said...

I it would be good . But I think cost fact for uni would be a problem. txt would cost 20c per msg. for class like us that has 60 or 80 person it would be a huge cost. compare to some class that with 300 400 student think of the cost. but I think it cost about 50c and when I try to set it up for my phone you need a special vodafone e-mail address, and you couldn't just use your our one .

At 2:53 PM, Blogger mags said...

yeah, but I wonder why vodafone or telecom has not tried to sell texting as a corperate tool yet. It is only expensive because that is the way that they choose to market and sell the product. They could make it as cheap as they wanted if the uni decided to buy a package from them. I guess that texting is one of the primary incomes for both of these companys. Besides, the uni pays out shit loads for heaps of stuff. Uni of Aucks is a big money machine as we all know. Im sure if a info text thing was set up it would go down badly outside of auckland too - it would be like the ultimate 'jafa' offence.


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