Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ridiculous Q’s and A’s

So, everyone has their late nights/early mornings where you are supposed to be cranking out a paper or an assignment that’s due the following afternoon. But instead you are occupied and chatting it up online, proceeding to help out those friends across the way who are in the same situation as you are.
Soooo… just an idea to throw out there for you all. Lame as it may appear, it has provided me with some relief from unproductive screen-staring.
Basic idea, throw out a ridiculous question to your mate who is on the other end. This is where the creativity has to flow a bit, but it is generally worth it. Then they’ll hop on whatever random site they can find, typically nothing credible, and pose a ridiculous answer.
Just some examples to get you headed in the right direction…
(these were thrown my way)
“Why is it the universal signal for us to clap when showing our appreciation? Why not have it be a smack to the belly?”
“So you have the invention of cereal. And milk was obviously around at the time. But did they test out other liquids to put with the cereal before settling on milk? Why not orange juice? Or just straight up water?”
And some of the random places that were found in our late night q and a sessions are the following:
So, have a go and see if anything upsurd comes to mind. It’s a great late night convo when your brain is fried anyways and it makes for some cheesy humor as well. And if you’re not feeling ingenious enough to pose some profound conundrum, then at least these sites might provide some mindless entertainment.


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