Saturday, October 01, 2005

Monsters, Inc.

I 've just watched Monsters, Inc. which was made by Pixar in 2001 and I felt it's fantastic ! I think I probably would rank it as my NO.1 CGI animation movie. There are aspects of this movie that intrigue me most:
First , from the aesthetic point of view, the visual effect is stunning. I almost couldn't tell a tiny flaw when camparing it with The Incredibles, so either The Incredibles is outmoded ( which seems impossible) or Monsters, Inc. has done perfectly beyond its time. The lighting was done smoothly , texture is very real and the model was rendered very well.
Second, the storyline is pretty imaginative and artful. The "monster version " of human society makes a lot of funny stuff . Form this kind of "holisticly transplanting human civilization to cartoon world " ,we can see it is much more mature than Toy Story and we may consider it as the predecessor of Finding Nemo. The polt of "send the kid back" makes the film very hilarious and entertaining.
Third,the "acting" is so unartificial that I can hardly believe they are man-maded character. Thanks to the motion capture and skillful animators , I can see the" real expressions " and various personalities in monster world.I vivdly remember there is a sequence that the little kid was hiding around toilet and Sulley pretend to be mad of her , the expression of atmosphere is so real that I actually thought they might have real-actors pre-acted the whole sequence.
I 'm after the kind of fantasy CGI film , Iike the lovely characters ,colourful world ,perfect picture and facetious story. Because I believe most people go to watch animation film for relaxing and the design of animation film is to come ture naive dream deep buried in everybody's heart ,both child and adult.


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