Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What next?

With all the common accessories that are available for use with the Apple iPod is seems to me that there can’t be much else that can be thought of to create (except for the new video iPod). There are many companies that create accessories for the iPod such as; Belkin, Griffin and Numark.

The newest accessory from Numark is called the iDJ iPod Mixing Console. Basically it is a DJ turntable where instead of records 2 iPod’s are connected to the console. A benefit of the mixing console is that there is no longer the problem of scratching records but the console is not the most user friendly. Wilson Rothman from Time magazine found it difficult to cue up the 2 iPod’s to play at slightly different times. Rothman did how ever think that a professional turntable DJ could have found it easier to control.

I don’t think that people will be rushing out to the stores to buy the iDJ. However there are many possible uses that people could come up with instead of just sound mixing since it can be used with the iPhoto and a projector to create a slideshow while a DJ mixes the sounds.

Link to the Time Magazine article.


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