Monday, October 17, 2005

The Beautiful

I heard about this site a few months ago when a story was run in the herald but didn't get around to actually checking it out until a couple of days ago. Anyway the intriguing thing about this site is that you cannot just sign up, you have to go through an application process upon which the members of the site will vote on whether you get in or not, you are allowed to submit a photo of you and a brief description of why you should be allowed in. Girls can't vote for girls and guys can't vote for guys (what about the gay people?) In order to get in you have to get more than a 50% approval rating, and from the looks of it only a few people get in each week.

I found it quite amusing to discover quite a few of my friends were either on there or in the application process, i even saw a uni tutor on there :p

I think it's an interesting concept and a new way of approaching chat based forums. The founders of the site call it 'social engineering'. Other people would call it shallow.



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