Sunday, October 16, 2005

marketing computer games

walking through uni, i got handed a flyer that said "god is a programmer.". i'm not a big game fan nor am i into programming..the only reason i kept the flyer was because i thought the site might make good bloge material:) and i was a little curious about the whole god/computer game connection the flyer portrayed. i visted the website and it turned out to be a website for a design scool: Media Design School. the introduction to the website had a holy, catholic theme..the text used biblical phrases and the images were of a computer chair with angels around it set in the clouds. the rest of the website was just official information about the school and joining it and so on. not a very interesting website..and was a disappointment as i'd expected greater things from just reading the flyer:/
i guess that was just good advertising..
i theh thought i'd look through some other game sites and one that struck me as funny (because of its name) was this site has a whole lot of games on it..although i don't see how theyre anymore addictive than other computer games. frankly the only game that interested me at all was "rock, paper, scissors"..i couldnt believe you could play that on a computer! games like this could really eliminate the need for social contact..scary thought!
another game i was surprised to see on a computer website was one called Acne Be have to click on all the pimples on this guy's face and try to get rid of as many as you can in 99 seconds. it was actually really fun. i thought it was pretty cool how this game was aimed at kind of person you wouldnt expect to play computer games..(computer nerds dont stereotypically care about acne)..but like singstar i guess this is a great way of increasing the market for computer games. after you play the game you can actually visit the Acne be cgone website, which is a site that actually provides remedies for acne..i thought this was an unusual link but so original...makes you wonder if it was intended to link computer game fans and acne..?(i really dont mean to sound rude, but it just makes you think..)
the site is pretty fun and even if youre not really into computer can be pretty interesting:)


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