Monday, October 17, 2005

"Sim Girls" - original net dating simulator

On the topic of online gaming, my boyfriend told me about these games him and his brothers used to play on the net that were about online dating. This game "Sim Girls" is an online dating simulator took me approx 5 minutes to download (my computers probably a lot slower than everyone elses - I only have dial up because I'm a poor student) so I could play it and describe it as an example of just what sorts of games on dating are out there. A majority of the characters (particularly the girls) have that 'Dragonball GT' look like all japanese cartoons do, but the main character is a white westerner male. When you first open the game, you choose his personality - casual, criminal, intelligent or playful (each has a little description), as well as a name, weight and height. After having done so, you get played a little scenario of this your characters life - how he hates school and cant pick up a girl. He's moved to Japan to change his life, but gets depressed and wants to kill himself. Suddenly, a japanese woman from the future comes to him with a DNA ultering drug that will change his personality (to the one you've picked) and will change him for the better. You are then given the option of manipulating his DNA that you think will better his chances in life. After this, you start to play the game. You get given a map of various places you can visit and meet people, and from here you have 100 days to find a young woman, charm her and date her before Prom. In order to successfully do this, you have to maintain your energy and keep an eye on your savings: both of these can be accomplished by getting a job at the mall, or sleeping, which replensihes a whole new day. You have to be careful about monitoring how many days you use up before it gets to 100, because if you don't successfully accomplish your mission, you die. Clicking up in the right hand corner of the screen on one of the phones keeps a log of people you've met and how well you're doing with them.

I played the game for about 15 minutes just to get a hold of how it worked, but soon after became bored. I think its because the personality I picked lacked charm and was too geeky (I picked the intelligent personality). It was probably silly on my part, because the objective of the game is to pick up a girl, but the overall theme is that you should be able to pick up a girl regardless of your personality. I thought it was funny how the characters were so skanky, but then again thats kind of the whole purpose of the game; to either pick up skanky or non skanky girls. You definitely have to be into these sorts of games to hold your attention - i think most people would stick around for the 100 days just to see what happens.

The reason I talked about this game is because I hope people arent taking these games seriously enough to actually behave like this in real life. These games shouldn't be used as a guide line to picking up a girl. If you're a nice enough player, you do eventually find that special someone in good time. If you're impatient and try and go for gold at the beginning, you're not going to get very far at all. Yet at the same time, its a bit of online fun - perhaps a bit of escapism from the real world of dating which shouldn't be taken too seriously. It is pretty funny to watch, so if you've got a sense of humour, I'd say check this site out. The address is


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