Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blogging and the Work Place

As we have discussed in class, blogging has many purposes. It can help keep friends and families connected or it can be a medium where someone can create a new identity. Overall blogs are viewed as being a personal journal with the complication of being available to the public.

In this NPR Broadcast, a former employee of google is interviewed. He was fired for writing information about the company and his job in his personal blog. He didnt feel as though he was sharing any private information but in the end it didnt matter.

Where should the corporate reach end? Where should the line be drawn? Are people who have blogs not allowed to talk about their jobs? What implications does this have over freedom of speech? Are blogs the equivalent of writing newspaper editorials?

The rights of employees writing blogs as well as some of the implications of blogs are discussed on this NPR broadcast: ( "Blogging Poses New Workplace Issues".


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