Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The New Google RSS Reader Aggregator

Google has finally launched its own Web-based RSS Reader during last week Web 2.0 conference.
The new RSS tool from Google sports a good set of basic features while providing, in my humble opinion, a great interface and user experience.
The interface is all based on the new Web 2.0 paradigm and by using Ajax technology it provides a soothing and pleasing experience to anyone looking to scan, browse and read news content coming from RSS and Atom feeds.
While the new Google RSS Reader has still a few rough edges and bugs, it does provide an excellent way to subscribe to Web sites, news and blog updates in a simple and effective way.
The unique look and feel, the ergonomics and usability of content access, its navigation consistency with the GMail interface standards, and the attention to information design details make this RSS/Atom reader a model of effective user experience for online news reading.

The Google Reader allows the direct import of RSS and Atom feeds as well as of OPML files(containing feed collections).

News items read inside the Google Reader can be "tagged" with unique keywords or keyphrases as to simplify the need to personally categorize and group incoming content in multiple ways.

Content can also be marked with "stars" which can be used as an extra tag marker to identify unique high importance items. A filter function allows to select only feeds that match your preferred keywords (the filter is applied to the title of the feeds only).
The Google Reader integrates also an RSS/blog Search facility that can be effectively used to find relevant RSS sources and feeds on your preferred topics. Once a search is performed all relevant results are displayed with an option to immediately "tag" and subscribe to each and everyone of them.


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