Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Google 'failure'.. no really, do it....

Have a good laugh:

Go to
Type in failure
Click "Im feeling lucky"

This is an example of a 'Google-bomb'. Someone cleverly figured out that most search engines rank their results according to links from other pages. That is - a search of 'apples' will show the top result as the page with the highest number of links to 'apples' from other pages.

A search of 'unelectable' or 'worst president ever' will give the same result as 'failure'. A search for 'waffles' will link to John Kerry's homepage, in reference to his lack of policy. A search for 'stupid spoilt whore' used to bring up Paris Hilton's fan-page until a South Park episode used the same name.

It all started when a fellow named Adam Mathes decided to play a prank on his friend Andy pressman. He made Pressman's website the top Google result for 'talentless hack'.

The easiest and most effective way to achieve a successful 'bomb' is through a Blog like this one. Because Blogs are constantly updated and contain many links, they have a huge influence on Google results.

Of course all this fun is having serious impact on the integrity and accuracy of the everyone's favourite searcher. However, searches like 'DVDs' or 'Books' will still always lead to sites like Amazon or DVD Empire as Google-bombs tend to be more succesfull with less specific terms or uncommon phrases.

To read more see:

Hey, maybe we should start a bomb on this blog?? How about 'bunch of crooks' linking to Inland Revenue??? Just a thought :)

***** sorry if anyone has already posted about this topic, I confess I havent read all of the blog


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