Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yahoo Podcast search

I think that Yahoo have come up with a great idea with a podcast search engine. I know that this is not the first but it is the first by a big name internet company to do so.

Yahoo have created a system where you can listen to podcasts on the internet but you can also subscribe to a particular series of podcasts and have them downloaded directly to your media player (ie, iTunes). Most of the subscriptions are free. I haven't found any that you have to pay for yet.

Yahoo believes that in the future there will be more and more people searching for podcasts. This is the reason that Yahoo has decided to be the first big company to create the search engine. Yahoo are hoping that by making it easier for people to find podcasts they will be more willing to access and download the podcasts.

I think that this is an excellent idea from Yahoo as I have tried before to find podcasts on the internet with little success. I will now be more likely to download podcasts as they are easier to find.

Here are a couple of links;

The news release from Yahoo

Yahoo! Podcast search


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