Monday, October 17, 2005

Msn: The private or public sphere

The other day I was sitting with my friends talking about how a random stranger/stalker had added me to their MSN Messenger list and then later finding out that I did in fact know the person, when one of my friends commented that her stalker had taken it one step further and had actually downloaded a photograph she had placed on her new msn space and was currently using it as a desktop and the only reason she found out about her stalkers freaky fetish was because a mutual friend had seen her photo on his desktop. It was then that I realized MSN Messenger regardless of its “wireless” communication walked a fine line between the private sphere and public domain. Whilst most people use it for purely private purposes there are people in the world that cannot distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, public or private and even if they do chances are they will ignore their conscience because they are or have been intrigued by a person that has an established online community of friends and peers they trust and they want to be a part it? Regardless of how if they know you or not! But in saying this, we have to realize that in today’s technological society and the revolution of the Internet there may no longer be a public or a private sphere that is clearly defined by boundaries because that line has been blurred and this is no longer the case.


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