Monday, October 17, 2005


MMMM TECHNOLOGY ............................

There have been a few blogs put up lately about going to the 'video shop'. Has anyone tried these new websites where you can mail order in your DVDs???????????????
I have seen the brochures on many a drunken night at Hells Pizza offering free DVD rental for a month but seem to forget all about it by the next morning!
I wonder if this new web based business will ever catch on- or maybe it has and Im the one dragging my heels.....
There is something rather quite anti social about this whole deal. I am certainly not one of those purists that rate vinyl’s above CDs or anything, but, I do enjoy actually going to the video shop and physically picking the box off the shelf and talking to the guy/girl at the counter. Even if it is just to try in vein to catch them out on a movie that they havnt watched.
This website stuff is taking laziness to the extreme! You have just ordered a pizza online which comes with a free DVD; So you watch the tele and eat pizza in your nice big lazy sofa without having to get out of your PJs. With all that lovely technology doing the work you don’t have to talk to anyone- not even the Pizza delivery guy, just hand him the cash and take the food if you want!
Then there’s the whole idea that you stay at home more rather than eating with a whole lot of people in a restaurant but you don’t even talk to the people at home because you are watching the damn movie!! Then when the movie starts to drag on you are already in your PJs and you can just fall asleep where you sit!
I think technology is making things a lot easier for us- too easy! I enjoy eating out and deciding where to sit, I like talking to the video guy, I like taking my girlfriend to the movies and the whole experience of seeing what is on. This whole idea of mobile privatisation stinks!
Anyway being a poor student that does like watching videos I probably should join up to (‘all you can eat DVD’) or the like beats paying late fees!
While searching for DVD rental sites I found an awfully serious page on the state of affairs of NZ DVD rental market- extensive reports have been done so maybe Im not the only one complaining!


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