Friday, October 21, 2005

Crafty Use of Blogs

So by now the whole New Apple I-Pod thing is old news, so here is a bit of a different spin. Apple have released an ad featuring Eminem to promote the new i-Pod, which is causing a bit of a stir. This is because the ad is pretty much a derivative or more precisely a blatant copy of an ad done in 2001 for a shoe brand called Lugz, done by New York CGI firm "Psyop." They two ads bear an uncanny resemblance.

What makes the whole thing interesting from the FTVMS 203 point of view is the dissemination of information throughout various forums. Blogs are now being used by reporters to stay on top of cutting edge news or hype surrounding products which are likely to be used by bloggers and the like. So even though this story hit the New York Post, it's roots lay in the blogging community. Innnnteresting.

Here is the address of one of the original articles, and from there you can see both ads:

Charlotte (yehaaa last blog, have enjoyed reading everyones blogs)


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