Sunday, October 09, 2005

Digital Photography

On Friday night, it was my friend's birthday. A group of our friends went out for dinner and drinks, and a couple of people brought cameras - two digital and one analogue (or film) camera.
We were all getting a little on the drunk side and so the cameras (and the poses) started to come out. The interesting thing was that, because we could see our pictures straightaway on the digital cameras, it was at once more fun and in a way bad, because everyone was deleting the pictures of themselves.
By the end of the night, the analogue camera had run out of a 36-exposure film, but between them the two digital cameras only had about 15-20 photos left. As much as they were snapping away freely, the photos they had left were few and not really that special - everyone looked good, but there were no unposed ones because they'd all been deleted (people thought they looked "ugly").
Have you ever had the experience of thinking a photo of yourself was really bad, and then realising a couple of years later that it's actually okay? I really think that the instantaneous nature of digital photography is making us too frivilous in getting rid of images that we don't like, but that we may like in the future.


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