Friday, October 07, 2005

Be careful when you are doing online banking!

You may heard of that there has been an increasing number of incidents about Internet banking security :A computer hacker installed software in an Internet cafe that allowed him to gather the user names and passwords of people banking online at the cafe for highlighting what he called "lax security of Internet banking"; a fraudster posing as an bank staff member called customers, and asked for their Internet banking password; email scam have affected a number of banks in the past few weeks, etc. They are arousing the attention to online banking security.Many of us have to do online banking, so I think this is a issue what we should concern about.

I got some tips on my bank website and I hope it would be helpful for you who also do online banking. Mybe these advices sound slick , but well preparation is always worthwhile when compare it with" a bare possibility".

- There might be email claims to be from BankDirect, and looks as though it comes from the BankDirect website. Customers should not click on the links in this email, or disclose their personal banking details at it requests.If you receive this email, please delete it immediately from your inbox, and again from your Delete file.

-Always visit a banking website by typing in the web address. Don't click on a link.

-Be careful about clicking on unexpected "pop-up" messages or opening email attachments from unknown sources.

-Always make sure you keep your own PC virus protection up to date. Always keep your operating system security patches up to date.

- Think about the sites you are visiting or have visited. Criminals use some sites to transfer a virus to your PC which may then capture your Internet banking passwords (the risk of this is greatly reduced if your PC virus protection and firewalls are up to date).

-Once signed on, and before using the online service, check:- that the last successful sign on time reported by the service is consistent with when you last signed on.


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