Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'm not sure how I initially downloaded but I have come to rely on it and use it daily. has many features that are informative and useful. In my opinion, the best feature is 1- click answers. 1-click answers is a tool that allows the user to alt click on any word anywhere (from a Word document to an internet page). Another window opens with a dictionary definition of the word and also definitions from sites like WordNet and Wikipedia.

On computer start up, a Today's Highlights window opens with interesting facts such as, Spotlight, Today in history and Today's Birthdays. Spotlight highlights events which happened on that particular day. Today in history follows the same idea as Spotlight but has smaller events highlighted. Today's Birthdays has birth dates of not just Hollywood actors but also important people from history. is an excellent tool for those into trivia. Personally I like that 1-click answers feature as a way of spell checking to insure that I have used the correct spelling of word to fit the meaning of the sentence. I highly recommend going to and downloading the system for free.


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