Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ong Bak' the movie

I recently hired out Ong Bak the movie on DVD. The movie was awesome to say the least, its martial arts content was at another level not because of its special effects rather the lack of it or any at all. Its sort of the argument with digital vs. analogue , its not an old movie its quite recent so thats the thing that really amazed me, cause most movies especially those with hard core action scenes comprises using CGI or high tech devices, this guy (apparently is the next Bruce Lee), doesn't even use wires and does his own stunts and is similar to Jackie Chan, and the stunts are bloody awesome. Its a pretty basic plot line hero against bad guys but its also quite funny at times, the moves are great for no wires and makes you wanna go out an kick somebody ( I suggest you don't). The fact that it uses no CGI and wires gives it a sense of talented directing and special talent and also gives the feel of authenticity with the fight scenes and thats been lacking in today's action/fighting movies where CGI almost takes over the reality of the fights, but Ong Bak doesn't its like watching the old Bruce Lee movies all over again.

I recommend it to anyone who loves Bruce Lee movies and Martial Arts, awesome.


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