Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Funnies

One of my very first surprises when I arrived in New Zealand back in July, was that there were no comics in the paper. Coming from a home where reading the comics is a daily standard practice, this was shocking! Knowing that I was going to be here until the end of November, I had to find a solution.

fortunately, I found the solution on the internet. As it turns out there are numerous sources to get my daily laugh. Yahoo for instance, will allow you to choose a few comic strips from a list to place on your own personalized home page. Then, there is always the option to go to each comic's own homepage. For most comic strips this is common practice and you can even read archived strips from the recent past. This is certainly true for one of my favorite strips Fox Trot.

Still, neither of these options was a nice as pulling all of my favorite strips from one section of the paper. It was then that I began searching for online newspapers and I found the answer.

The Houston Chronicle is a Texas newspaper that not only reports on local news from my home, but now through the internet, its providing me with my necessary comics as well. On this page, you can select comics from a vast list and then bookmark the page. You can then come back to this bookmarked page each day and view the next days strips. I love it!

Now, I no longer suffer the pain of being separated from my funnies. The comics are back, thanks to the internet.


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