Friday, October 14, 2005


I found this week’s lecture to be really interesting. For me I had always thought that hackers were people that broke into secure online websites and stole people’s money or their personal information. And to an extent this is true. But the real definition of a hacker is someone who looks at something technological and sees a different use for it than what it was original designed. When you take that definition then it is not a bad thing to be a hacker. Half of our technological advances in today’s society are due to someone looking at something and seeing different ways to use it. And it amazes me when I typed in Hackers into google (gotta love google it can find you anything) the amount of websites that came up and the amount of information that teaches you how to hack into the internet.
And the idea that hackers are very social was also new for me. I guess I was going on the stereotypical image of the hacker as being someone who sits in their room and has no human contact. And I also found it really amusing that hackers get caught largely because they talk about what they have done. If they kept their mouth shut then a lot of them would never have had to serve prison time.


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