Friday, October 21, 2005


Hi All,

After a stressful day yesterday, I thought I would watch a movie while I was having my dinner, little do I know I ended up watching 2 movies than expected. Both movies had Jet LI in it, the movie title is "Leathal Weapon 4" and "Hero". Both in which Jet LI dies and he plays as a bad guy. However what disturbed me Hero. I admit this was my first time watching the film Hero directed by a fomous Chinese director Zhou Yi Mou. Most of his films are tragedy and serious, not much humour etc. The use of digital technologies such as the use of computer-generated imagery, the wireless removal system made it possible for the flying effects and running on water etc. The speed of the bow arrows in some way seems unrealistic but realistic at the same time. This moive is based on cultural knowledge obviously. Most people may be already well aware of China's history, such as the ruling Dynasty's. A very long history. Qin Dynasty of course, is one of the strongest of the 7 Dynasties left, over took the other six. According to China's history, China still has not become a whole country yet, because of course war broke out again, became 3 dynasty etc, the last dynasty was Qing. Which ended before Mao Ze Dong came into power turning the China into a communism one. Anyway, Hero at some point was very confusing, later I managed to grasp the plot, there was three different versions of the story that was told between the Qin King and the assassinator from Zhou. I admit I liked the free look of the costume worn by the females when they were fighting. Despite the well acomplished digital techniques accomodating the spectacle levels for the audience, I found the storyline at first a little confusing and not actually sure if the storyline is completely true about the Dynasty between Zhou and Qin. For those who know about Chinese history (such as the dynasties) and have seen the film Hero please do comment to let me know if there really is 3 assasinators after the King of Qin and if the reason for killing him was true or not in the film. Near the end of the film, how the assassinator (Jet Li) decided not to kill the king becasue he to wants mankind of human peace and that Qin king was the most capable and intelligent King of all the other dynasty then why was it not then that the king changed the law for example, not to kill those who had attempeted to kill him, because the assassinator had changed his mind not because he truly failed to kill the king. In the end the Kill still gave permission to the army to kill the assassinator (Jet Li). In the film it states that Nameless was killed/died as an assassinator but buried as a Hero. I just thought after all those spoken words about having peace, the King could have changed and speared the one that let him live. It was unjustice, I know I know it is history, and nowadays our views are different etc etc. Overall, the film isn't too bad. According to an in interview that I have read, I know that Zhou Yi Mou would like to do something a little more different in his films now, like incorporating humour, but no doubt he is a great 5th generation director.


At 2:04 PM, Blogger Andrew Cozens said...

I thought Hero was amazing, best cinematography i have seen in ages, i probably preferred House Of Flying Daggers a bit more though.. mmm Zhang Zi Yi ;)


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