Friday, October 21, 2005

benefits of computer games

after writing my blog on marketing computer games last week and actually playing one for the first time i decided to actually do some research into computer games to see whats really happening there..they seem to be continually evolving and advancing into new realms to increase and enhance the game experience for players.
while surfing the web looking for information on computer games i found some interesting reseach that was focussed on the benefits on "shoot-up" computer games like counter strike. although most people stereotypically associate these games with enouraging violence in their players, this research showed that in fact these games, when played for upto 8 hours a week can in fact improve young players' attention span, hand-eye co-ordination, memory, maths skills and their ability to multi-task. it was seen however that there was a rapid drop-off in these abilities for anyone who played for over 8 hours a week. the researcher hoped this research could be used to help computer game designers to plan their games and what they should consist of and to demonstrate to parents what benefits computer games could provide for their children. he also believed that computer games could be used for people with learning difficulties, motor skills problems or for those needing rehabilitation after an accident or stroke (though i'm not exactly sure how shoot-up computer games could help all of these people).
he reckons that "Like it or not, computer games are here to stay,".


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