Friday, October 21, 2005

Web Design

The web represents a new point in popular culture in that it reflects our experimentation with space and how we negotiate and navigate with space. Web design is simply not just a 'decorative' term but it is a combination of pushing boundaries artistically. Therefore the web design is defined as web intrinsically spatial media, that puts us as users to explore space.

The lecture on Web design: Aesthetics and the Politics of Space, mentioned a website which played on the metephor of organised space and highlights how space capulates mediation. It also delved with putting narratives into small spaces. This website was really interestiny, the whole concept, design and overall look was quite stunning.

On MSN they have a host of accounts that one could activate from hotmail to msn messenger. One of the accounts, which was and still is popular, is MSN People and Groups which is where one can design a website and invite friends, who are also on the MSN network, and post up pictures, comments, web pages among many other limitless things. During my high school years, my friends and i designed a site, (which has been deleted due to lack of interest) and from this site we developed our own little community with other students within the Auckland region. This site was abumdent with photos and countless blogs which ranged from "that fight that happened on friday" to "who's going to the ball" and eventually developed to "Yeah! Bursary is nearly over". These group sites can placed under the 'network media' which is part of the Liquid Architecture. The network media, which also includes blogs and social networking, is defined by the crossing of expreience and personal experience of the member who belong to the site and it is not so much a medium of meaning. It is a personal and intimate space that anyone can design.

My friend has a website which is a site that caters for the 2003 class of her school *which shall remain nameless*. This is site has photo galleries, forums and discussion boards that are somewhat only allowed access to particular members. This links with the 'sterile enviroment' whereby analougs to emails are constructed around a gated community. This gated community can also be found within sites such and

Web design is an intrinsic part of new technology and media.


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