Friday, October 21, 2005

TV on your mobile

With the inclusion of video and audio features to the 'third generation' mobiles it was just a matter of time before television programming jumped onboard this 'mobile entertainment'.

Both Vodafone's 3G and Telecom's T3G offer streamable video highlights of news, sport and wheather. But also available are made for mobile television episodes called "mobisodes". A good example of the "mobisode" feature is "24:Conspiracy" which is a spin off of the actual TV series 24, and features an entirely new cast and situation independent from those on the TV series. It consists of 24 mobisodes of 60 seconds in length and was made to coincide with the broadcasting of the fourth series (currently being screened on TV3).

As I do not have a third generation mobile I checked the Vodafone and telecom websites to see what both networks have to offer. On each website their is a schedule of what is available, when, and also some sample clips to view. It seems that at this time "mobisodes" are only available on Vodafone's 3G network, with Telecom focusing more on entertainment such as music videos, E! channel clips and the universal sport,wheather, and news highlights.


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