Sunday, October 02, 2005

Home Sweet Home

At the moment I'm looking for an apartment, and it's pretty hard. I want a one-bedroom place, but I don't want a one room place, and I want a balcony (I'm a smoker, but smoking inside is disgusting). I can only pay a certain amount (being a student), and conventional means were just not enough - I can't afford an agent.
Enter the sweet, sweet internet: Did you know that the NZ Herald website has a search section in its Classifieds, so you can only see ads which are within your specifications? Awesome. The same for - they've got heaps of listings, and you can look for flatmates, or just flats, or even homes to buy. They also have the option (as with all their auctions) to e-mail new listings that match your search, but their specifications are a little wide - I've been getting listings sent for Mt. Roskill and Hillsborough and I specified "Central Auckland/Auckland City".
I have to say though, the best thing about looking for a place online is that you can see pictures (although not on the Herald site, it's just the classifieds), and e-mailing agents and landlords is much nicer than talking on the phone and feeling pressured.
I hope this helps other people out, because it's really a great way to look for a place.


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