Sunday, October 02, 2005

Magic Bike

A kind of different invention that I’d never heard of, but maybe its been around for a while… A New York artist has turned his bicycle into a mobile wi-fi wireless internet hub which gives free internet connectivity whenever its ridden or parked. The bike has wi-fi antennas mounted on to the the frame, which feed to a laptop hidden in the saddle-bag and the connection can be received from the cellular network or from nearby hotspots. I thought this was quite strange, as I would logically design a ‘wi-fi’ car to perform this function before I’d think of a bike… Its quite a novel way to have a network available anywhere whenever you want it, but I wonder about the security of the bike – particularly in New York! but maybe im just behind the times and this is quite a common thing? The official website I found didn’t work when I tried –, but more information can be found here.


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