Sunday, October 02, 2005

Star Wreck – in the Pirkinning

Star Wreck – in the Pirkinning

A Finnish spoof of Star Trek and Babylon 5, seven years in the making, three hundred people involved and now available for free download – gosh those Finnish nights are long!

I've only seen the trailer so far but if that's anything to go by the download will be worth it; remember to get the one with subtitles. The special effects are sufficient (at the trailer resolutonof 480x204 they look very good), the acting, well its not up there with the best but then neither was the first Star Trek. As a trailer it is very like professional ones with the deliberatley jerky editting of very short scenes together with continuity supplied by the sound track. From comments on Slashdot the quality of the whole move, all 102 minutes of it, is pretty good. I would be interested to see the "Making Of" video on the DVD (yes there is a DVD) and would like to see if the FX stand up to higher resolution.

The web site is interesting in that the FAQ, while hardly in the KongIsKing league, gives some interesting insights into the possibilities of doing it yourself and some of the issues in doing that. I know there are a few of these kinds of projects around but they are all worth supporting. And doesn't this really highlight the lack competence in Hollywood these days especially when some of the executives are beginning to own up that they are not being ripped off through downloads, its the quality of their films that is the problem. Given the sheer lack of expenditure this two hour movie should make for embarassment in corporation land.


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