Sunday, October 02, 2005

Too many cards!

Every week or two I have to empty my wallet to sort things out. It gets so full of crap, that it gets to the stage where I can’t close it. I am sure some of you can relate. So there I am screwing up old bus tickets, receipts (keeping a couple of important ones), sorting money, and re-organising my wallet. I also have a section for vouchers that I’m sure I’ll never even use.

Anyway, it always annoys me no end at the number of plastic cards I have. Most I need everyday – cashflow card, credit card, bus card, ID, drivers license, etc. Then the ones I occasionally need, so still have to carry – Flybuys, video store card, AA card, library card, Farmers beauty club card (!!), etc. THEN there are the ones that I hardly ever need, but feel lost without them, such as my airpoints card and the infamous 'coffee club' type cards. It's the whole 'just in case' thing.

My point is, it is sooooo annoying having all these cards. I think there should be ONE ultimate card to replace all other cards. It could have a little microchip or computer component that holds all information from our other cards. I read Jane’s blog entry a couple of weeks ago about the new Mastercard ( and thought that was quite cool. But how much cooler would it be if the one card was for everything, not just a credit card. Each shop or service could only access the part that they are authorised to, information could easily be added or removed, receipts could be electronically saved on it, etc, etc.
There probably is something like this ‘out there’, but how good would it be if it were just a common thing we all had. Perhaps this would see an end to the wallet! I would be very happy :)

-Shannon Doherty


At 11:12 PM, Blogger Andrew Cozens said...

I don't know whether i would get one, i am too paranoid about big brother snooping on me :p The thought of having all my details on one card gives me dystopic visions of society. (like something out of Minority Report , where you identity can be taken away from you so easily and it is almost impossible to prove it has happened)

At 6:20 PM, Blogger jane harwood said...

Shan i think this is such a great idea!!I too was cleaning out my wallet the day u posted the blog and it was full of unneeded receipts, not to mention all the cards that take residence in my wallet, making it one of the heaviest things in my handbag sometimes! I think the idea to have everything on one card is great!!But to agree with andrew it would be really scary if that card was stolen or lost. You know how so many people say my whole life is in my handbag, imagine losing that card!But with the right chips inserted who knows, maybe it could be tracked if lost or stolen, definately a novel idea Shan:)


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