Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Crack in the new I-pod Nano !!

Hay I just heard on this website that in there seems to be a problem with the new I-pod nano. That it seems that the screen are easily breakable, and some seem to create cracks very easily!! This might be a good example of the newest smallest thing may not always be the best! Apple came out and said that they would replace any defective unit for free, and that the problem is a small one. But a small problem on a nano size product can be a big thing! haha

There is also I link to a video stream of a fair go segment that go on other people who had problems with their I-pod. And how apple say that you should treat your I-pod more as, “a mini laptop inside of just an ordinal pocket gadgets”



At 12:55 AM, Blogger vicki said...

Apple also made a statement saying that it was only a tiny percentage of Nano's that were prone to cracking...It was a problem found with a single batch of Nano's that were made. If your Nano didn't come from that batch, you wouldn't experience any problems.
Apple created a HUGE marketing campaign for the Nanos, however, the "defective batch" is likely to be detremental on the growing sales.


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