Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sports Simulations

Sports simulations are able to convey realsism unlike any other type of video game. This is because the player controls real people n real situations ie. sports games. In recent years there has also been a trend to try and simulate these sports games in recent years to try and simulate television coverage of sports events in an interactive way rather then place the player themself inside the game. One game that exemplifies this is Fifa 2006 which has a fixed camera system but also when watching teo computer controlled teams looks almost the same as a live football match minus the close ups, crowd shots, reaction shots etc. Another way in which sports simulations are able to create this conception of reality is through the fact that incredible attention to detail is not only put into making every player looks like but also getting their personal playing style and the way they move to the smallest detail right. The fact that sports simulations are made from real people in real situtations that could of happened/ could happen in the future gives them the edge in conceiving reality over many other genres and forms of games.


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